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Monday, May 2, 2016

Picture Taking is Difficult

The deadline for entries for the AGM Show and Sale is coming soon.  We are going to be offering one of our best fall heifers for sale - and that means the dreaded picture taking must happen.  There is truly a talent that I do not have for taking photos of cattle.  Lighting, level ground, lack of distraction - all of those things elude me during photo sessions.  Chris is absolutely patient with setting up a 7 month old heifer over and over and over again.

It's even more difficult this time of year because the grass is just starting to come in, the trees have yet to leaf out nicely and all of our girls still have a pretty scruffy winter coat to shed.

So what to do?  Over a 100 pictures yesterday and not one of them is truly good enough to properly show this lovely heifer.  Back to the drawing board and maybe a different location.  I'll hold the lead rope and let Chris try his hand at picture taking.

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