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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome Girls!

Last week, sandwiched between weather events, we made an overnight trip to Colorado to pick up three new girls from CJS Farms.  Above is Thomas' RY Red Brezes - a half sister to two of our favorites - Fawn and Roseta.  She definitely has the look!  In fact, it's difficult to tell her apart from Fawn at any distance.

If it weren't for ear tags, we'd have to really look twice!  Brezes is bred to CJS Fudge for a late spring calf.  <That's Fawn in the photo above>

She's just beautiful~!

CJS Yoko and Yoshi also hitched a ride back with us.  As soon as they are used to wearing halters, they'll be proper Moosters.  Really nice polled girls - thanks Scott and Judy!