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Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is Mulgwen.  She was introduced a few days ago as our final holdout for calving.  We are all sad because her calf was stillborn.  We know it happens; it's a fact of life with cattle that sometimes things just go wrong.  It doesn't make it any easier for her or for her owners.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's babysitter is Ruby.  That's her dun bull calf, Repeater, right in front of her. 
It's hard to believe that it's been nearly three weeks since the last post.  I think that means we are busy! 

The herd has been "worked" for the season - worming, shots, drawing blood for pregnancy tests for the fall girls, pulling tail hairs and more.  With only the two of us doing the deeds, it takes a few days and lots of moving here and there.  Many bruises, a few pulled muscles and one good conk on the head and we are done!  We won't be doing this again until weaning.  Hurray!

We've decided to sell our marshmallow bull, Gladhour Winchester.  Chris will be taking A.I. classes so that we'll be able to keep only one bull and daughters from that one bull.  Since red seems to be our favorite color, we'll be keeping 'Dance and selling Winchester.  He's three years old, polled and dun. He doesn't carry red.  He is easy going as they come.  Let us know if you'd like a great herd sire.

This is Mulgwen.  She is our last remaining holdout for the spring calving season.  Today she's finally gone off by herself, but we still haven't seen a baby yet.  Anxiously awaiting something!  Anything!  We'd even take another bull calf.  Really. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Isn't she beautiful?  Once again, our wonderful Fawn has graced us with another heifer!  Last year we posted that Fawn always gives us lovely carbon copies of herself - and it looks like she's done it again.  Based on first "feel" we think this little girl is polled as well (thanks, 'Dance!).  She's a full sister to show girl Yanni.

Two more to go - Belle and Mulgwen.  We keep thinking that Mulgwen should calve soon, but she's making us wait.  Belle has at least another week to go and it could be as long as three.  Then we're done until fall.  It's going to be a busy halter training season this year!

It's time to start thinking about getting Yanni and Carnival ready to go to the ADCA's Show and Sale this year in Fort Wayne, Indiana (they aren't for sale, but we are showing them).  It's a long ride, especially pulling the trailer, but we know we'll stop overnight in Missouri to let the girls (and us) rest for the night.  It's a bit over 20 hours for us to get there, but we think that others are coming even farther than us!  We just turn it into our vacation and enjoy the ride!

Friday, May 4, 2012

On the Downhill Slide

Calving has slowed considerably.  We're still waiting for two more calves (maybe three - the jury is still out on one).  As soon as the last two are born, we'll be able to open up what we call "the birthing pasture" so that the girls can all access lots more acres with lots more grass.  Since they spread out so much when they head to the southmost pasture, we like to make sure that all the calves have arrived!  The girls and kids have plenty of room to roam, but with so little rain, the grass is a bit on the sparse side.  We're still feeding hay.

Two more will give us 15 this spring; three more would make it 16.  That's a lot of babies to count every day!  They are just so much fun to watch.

Above is the new daughter of Wrencesky and USommDance.  She is polled and the exact image of her sister born last year (except that Yardley was horned).  Meet Moosters Red Sky!

Saphire and 'Dance gave us Moosters Red Bull.  He looks just like his daddy
but has his momma's horns.  Bull was a bit big for this first time mom.  It's the first time we've ever had a situation where the afterbirth did not clean out fully.  She got several shots of antibiotic and lots of watchful eyes upon her hiney while we waited.  All is well now.

And so far, last but not least - Roseta (Wild Thing) and 'Dance announce the birth of Moosters Red Dawn.  We're still not sure if she's polled or horned, but she is absolutely gorgeous!

Think Rain!