Welcome to Moosters Meadows - home of Irish Dexter Cattle! We strive to breed a truly dual purpose Dexter, providing both excellent beef and milk. All of our Dexters are purebred and registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA). We'll be blogging about what goes on here on our little ranch in Wyoming and life with Dexters. Feel free to visit our website as well.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

These are a few of our favorite things....

Calves - Yanni and Yzanomma (aka Cinder) waiting for dinner to arrive.  They are wearing fly collars in lime green.  While we're not sure how truly effective the collars might be, it sure makes for wonderful smelling heifers!

Pregnancy tests from BioPryn!  Thanks to our wonderful vet and his patient lessons, we've learned to draw blood ourselves so that we can do our preg testing through BioPryn.  30 days from breeding to Yes! she's pregnant on heifers.  90 days from the last calf (and 30 days post breeding) on cows.  Fast, simple and accurate. 
Feeders from GoBob.  These are the Hay Monsters and we expect that they are going to help us conserve a LOT of hay this winter.  Prior to ordering these guys, we'd been feeding bales without feeders.  Lots of waste - and at the price of hay this year, we believe that our payback will be under a year.  We can attest to the durability of the Hay Monster, having watched one fall from the back of a flatbed to a paved parking lot.....not even a dent!  The third feeder is in the corral where we've been carefully watching girls with horns using it.  They figured out quickly how to get their heads in and out.  Very little wasted hay anywhere. 

It's still really hot, but we are grateful for our cooler evenings and the bit of rain this week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Girl Fawn

 That's our girl, Fawn, on the left.  Her 2011 heifer calf, Moosters Yanni, is at her side.  Fawn is one of our favorites because she never disappoints.  Her daughters are all carbon copies of her - with or without horns.  We love this look!  Yanni is polled. 

That's Moosters XCitement, her 2010 heifer, following Fawn in the above picture.  She's dehorned, but another carbon copy of her mom.  XCitement has moved to her new home in Powell, Wyoming.
And finally, MM Wynter, Fawn's 2009 heifer.  She's hard to tell from her mom from a distance.  She's a keeper, so we chose to keep her horns as well.  They are truly beautiful! 

Fawn's also our herd leader.  She passes her temperament on to her girls.  All of her calves have been easy to halter train and are smart - just like their momma!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not Exactly Nickel Size

Yes, that's a quarter and an egg along with a sample of the hail that arrived this evening pretty much out of the blue.  We definitely didn't expect this based on the weather information today!  There was a 20% chance of a storm with possible nickel sized hail.  Wrong! 

After all the heat this week, the rain and cooler weather were a welcome relief.  The dents in the vehicles were not welcome.  Not welcome at all.

First Post!

There's no better way to begin a new blog than to welcome our new Moosters from Oklahoma.  Pictured above are Halo and her boy, Harper.  Considering that they had just made the 13 hour ride from Oklahoma to Wyoming, they looked pretty darn wonderful. 

Meara did really well with the ride as well.  She is a bit more shy than Halo, but beautiful and sweet.  Thanks so much to Shelia and Don for such great additions to our herd!