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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Yup, that's us.  Headed home with a few new heifers in tow.  It's so much easier when we are pulling the smaller trailer.  Love our big Wyoming sky!

A very unhappy Angela after getting her tag replaced with a new one.  We've started her socialization and halter training - our vey pregnant Yanni is a great teacher.  Inviting her into the teaching corral is working well - we get to keep an eye on our first time momma to be and she gets to convince the new kids that we aren't evil ogres!

Twizzler is growing fast!  Momma Wrencesky is still fairly protective, but we've been able to get ahold of Twizzler a few times so we know that she's polled!  The Wrencesky/'Dance combo has given us two red heifers in the past - one polled and one horned.  We were actually surprised when Twizzler turned up black!  She is just gorgeous.

Using the ATV to check on the girls in the south pasture (they can come up closer to the house whenever they want, but the grass is still pretty good eating on the south end).  It draws them in like a magnet!  We have to be careful that the "littles" don't climb right in with Chris --  they have no fear.

Still waiting for the fog to clear today.  Still waiting on two truck loads of hay to get here.  Time to go visit Angela and friends for another dose of "let's be friends."

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sliding into winter

We returned home from N.I.L.E., rested up a day, then left for the Missouri Dexter Breeders Show and Sale.  Waaaay too much time in the truck.  Not being entirely crazy, we were not showing or selling in Missouri this year.  It was a great place to pick up our 2nd herd sire for next year - seems like we've been waiting forever for him to be old enough to come home with us!

Meet Hondo Lane.  He's red and homozygous polled.  We are thrilled with him!  Thank you Dennis!  Machine wasn't so certain that he was thrilled with another herd bull arriving:

They actually get along quite well, are nearly the same age and should grow up to be excellent bulls for our herd.  There are high hopes for these two guys.  Both have that great temperament that we require.  Both are easy going and walk well on the halter for me.  Can't wait to see how they look this spring.

The folks in Missouri always do a superior job putting on their show and sale.  We enjoyed our entire trip.  Some family time with The Daugher, who is only 5 hours away from Missouri (!) and some time catching up with old friends and making some new ones.  And did I mention that there was a sale?  Oh yes, I was even allowed to hold the bidders card (long story)!  I was reasonably well behaved and only two outstanding heifers followed us home....  it was difficult to not waive that card in the air often!

Kristi Ann has one of the most beautiful Dexter faces we've ever seen (my picture does not do her any justice).  Her personality matches as well.  She's halter trained and will be ready to breed to one of those handsome boys early next summer.
And this is Rosaleen - a wonderfully built young heifer who is going to make the best Mooster ever!  We will breed her to 'Dance next month for a fall calf.  Thanks Norm and Mary - we really love her.
We've been home for two weeks now - happily.  Still working on all those things that need to be done before the "real" winter arrives.  More snow in our forecast for tonight and tomorrow - makes us glad to have another one of these drive up our lane:
We were actually able to get a local load - a sign that we had a bit more rain than last year.  We hope that trend continues! 
Nothing says Yay! like a semi loaded with hay!