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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just a minor delay for the month of August

Sorry for the length of time between posts!  We were getting ready to go here (the Wyoming State Fair), then we were there for several days, then we've spent the last week trying to catch up.  At the same time, we're getting ready to leave on Monday for the Nebraska State Fair, followed quickly by the Utah State Fair.  There will be sighs of relief all around when we finally get a break!

 Truly surprised to find all three of our junior heifers in the championship round.  One from each class.  Didn't plan for that - so we had to recruit Jared, Calli's dad to help.  Chris had his hands full with our "fainting calf" - really, she fell over regularly when something new surprised her!  The whole experience has turned her into a rock solid little showgirl now.......we hope...........  In any case, we couldn't lose in the above photo!   A Champion and Reserve Champion for the Moosters' girls.
Despite the heat and hurry, we tried to remember to smile at the judge every now and then!  Here's Tracy and Alan in the cow/calf class.  They behaved quite nicely for us!

And once again, we found ourselves competing against ourselves.  Dance Machine, our next year's herd sire (on the left) brought home the Champion Bull Rosette. 

We all waited patiently for the All Other Breeds Bull Championship so that Dance Machine could have his day in the sun with the big boys.  Unfortunately, we neglected to get a picture of little Mach lining up with the AOB bulls.  He and Calli did the Dexters proud!  What better way to feature our Dexters?  The judge was just wonderful.  Even though Mach didn't win, he definitely deserved to be there!

It continues to be a busy week.  Here is Chris giving Wild Child a pedicure.  No Cow Wash can be complete without a wash, clip, blow dry and a pedicure! 

We definitely enjoyed our first year at our very own State Fair and can't wait to go back again next year! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Swing Dance

This little cutie is Moosters Swing Dance - a polled daughter of Brezes and 'Dance.  You can see her mom on the right side of the picture.  She is "For Sale" and is just beginning her halter work this weekend.  This is one of her baby pictures.

Swing Dance is parentage verified - a daughter of two tested parents - so she is PHA and chondrodysplasia free.  We can't say enough good things about her confirmation and gorgeous little face!  I want to keep her too!  Give us a call - 307-532-3450 or email us at moostersmeadows@aol.com if you are interested or need more information!

Since we are now ten days from the Wyoming State Fair, final grooming and practice begins in earnest.  Since it's much too hot in the afternoon, we work with the show crew in the early mornings (in fact, I should be outside right now).  We are grateful that our breed show rules prohibit any artificial grooming aids.  No adhesives or extra hair.  Just nice, clean and clipped Dexters.  What you see is what you get!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

For Sale

These are two of the hardest words to speak at Moosters Meadows.  I know that we can't keep them all, although I wish it were possible.  So, we've been debating and making lists, then adding and subtracting from the lists...........  We think we are done, so I've started adding the "For Sales" to the web site. 

Since we have such a fine heifer crop this season, it's made the "For Sale" decisions even more difficult.  This is 'Dance's last season (his final Mooster babies will be in 2014), so we have been leaning heavily toward keeping more 'Dance babies -- and again, since we can't keep them all, it means that a few of our carefully chosen cows, along with a few very nice weanling heifers, are making the sale list.

So here goes.  I'll be posting on here and on the web site.  It's easier here and the photos are easier to add and for folks to see. 

This polled beauty is Legend Red Halo, who came to us a few years back from Oklahoma, although she was born in Texas.  A well traveled girl! 
All of her calves have had that same black nose and beautiful red coat.  She is not the top dog in the herd, but she's not the lowest on the totem pole either.  PHA and chondro free, she's been genotyped and is sire qualified.  Halo is not halter trained, but she is highly motivated by treats and will follow you pretty much anywhere for a handful of grain or a horse treat.  Very nice udder.
Give us a call or email if you'd like more pictures or more information. 
Up tomorrow:  Moosters Swing Dance