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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Orphan named Thumper

Last weekend was especially awful.  We lost one of the very first Dexters we ever purchased to a fast moving infection.  RIP Fawn.  We really will miss you.  Fawn left behind some wonderful offspring and we learned a lot from her.

On Saturday, she left behind a five day old bull calf.  We alternate between calling him Orphan and Thumper (a much better name thanks to Calli).  With all of the other calves running around, we hoped to find a foster mother for him.  Enter Yanni, Thumper's sister.

She's been more than generous with her little brother.  Unfortunately, her calf takes most of what she's got in the tank.  That's Yanni with Thumper at the milk bar.  She is becoming more protective of him as each day goes by.  We're separating Frostie for most of the day now, so Thumper ought to be getting more milk now.

Enter Luna, who has more than enough milk for her heifer, but isn't going to allow Thumper to hang around her udder unaccompanied.  Sweet Luna is so easy though.  We just walk her into the chute and she stands stock still while Thumper nurses.  She's already figured out the routine.  Feed the little guy, get treats, go back to your heifer waiting for you in the pasture.  Easy.

He's doing fine so far: