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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Save the Last Dance for Me

This week is 'Dance's last week at Moosters Meadows.  We are going to miss this guy more than we can say.  He's arrived here about 5 years ago looking not quite like the herd sire we had envisioned.  Maybe he resembled a gawky teenager?  But we had faith that he'd live up to his genetics and he's never once disappointed.  He matured into a most handsome boy with sweetness to go with his looks.

Despite his broken coffin bone last year, he's done very well getting around and we are grateful that he's going on to sire a few more calves for someone else.

So yesterday he got one more ride in our trailer to Gordon, Nebraska, home of Western Sire Services.  We decided to have him collected "just in case."  He's certainly made some beautiful Moosters calves over the last few years and while we know that his son, Dance Machine, and our very special PRF Hondo Lane will make more Moosters, we might need to call on 'Dance someday.  You just never know.

We were allowed to watch the process since 'Dance was a "trailer bull" and headed back home again.  This is a truly lovely facility with great people who take care of everything.

He may be short, but he's mighty mighty!

That's no optical illusion - the steer was really that big!  Didn't bother our boy one bit -- he did his job and we were out of there in no time flat.

This really is a beautiful, state of the art facility.  We can't recommend them highly enough.  (It's also where we store our other straws - again, for one of those "just in case" scenarios.)

We aren't affliated with Western Sire in any way other than being satisfied clients......just a tiny disclaimer....

And so, we say goodbye to our boy with sadness.  He's going to be missed.............