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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Calf Stork has been Busy

While we are seeing a few more bull calves than we'd prefer, the heifer stork finally arrived this morning bearing two red heifers!
Bess (on the left) and Luna (on the right) waited impatiently for the stork to arrive.  Bess gave us a perfect little black bull calf.  Ragnar is a full brother to one of our up and coming herd sires, Dance Machine.  He ought to be homozygous polled - waiting for that test to be processed now - like his brother.
Here's Bess and Ragnar!  He looks exactly like Machine did last year.  Bess has always shared her boys with us, but she's a bit stand-offish this year.  Not threatening, just not too interested in letting him hang around with us.  That won't last too long because SHE likes to hang around with us.

Here's Luna with her newly born red heifer.  Polled.  Couldn't get much of a picture this morning since they did not want to leave the shelter and soft bedding for the very windy day.  We are so excited that she broke the bull bonanza.
Saphire's little bull calf.  He's a chunk.  We still aren't sure as to his polled status.  No buds yet, but one day we're sure he's got the horned look, then convinced that he's polled the next.  Saphire has no objections to him being handled, so we'll get it figured out with certainty one of these days.
Jasmine and her bull calf.  This year she's a little reluctant to let us "play" with him.  Last year we didn't give her much choice with Acqua di, so she may be keeping him at a distance on purpose.
Our beloved Meara and her new horned bull calf.  He's sweet and both of them are fine with us handling him any time.  He already runs over to greet us while in the corral.
Rally graced us with another lovely heifer this morning.  She is never inclined to let us near her calves until they are several weeks old.  We'll sneak up on this little girl one day soon and see if she is going to be polled or horned.

And because I got such a great picture this morning while having such a good morning in the pasture:  Tracy and Barkley.  He's almost three months old now and will soon be taller than his chondro-carrier momma!  He's become Mr. Personality in the pasture - a very nice polled boy out of Kip.

All of the girls found the birth of Rally's heifer this morning to be an event of great interest.  It took Rally a while to convince them all to go Away!

Keeping our fingers crossed for more of those beautiful red heifers!  Our schedule will now be a little more erratic, but we have 7 or 8 more to go by summertime.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Misery Loves Company?

Just had to share these pictures!  Here are Luna and Bess waiting and waiting and waiting for calving time to arrive.  Both are due next week sometime.  They have been standing in the shade on a lovely warm sunny day so they must be miserable.  At least they have one another for company.....