Welcome to Moosters Meadows - home of Irish Dexter Cattle! We strive to breed a truly dual purpose Dexter, providing both excellent beef and milk. All of our Dexters are purebred and registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA). We'll be blogging about what goes on here on our little ranch in Wyoming and life with Dexters. Feel free to visit our website as well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Baby!

In just a little over a week, we've had five new babies.  They are all just precious!

Above is Moosters Repeater, the bull calf of Wieringa's Ruby and Gladhour Winchester - several days of head rubbing kinda causes us to think he's polled.  He's our smallest calf this season (so far).
This is Brezes' (soon to be) steer calf.  Sired by CJS Fudge, little steer is horned and quite nice looking.
Little cutie is the heifer calf of Shaw's #22.  She's was sold before she was born, so we'll let her new owners give her a name.  Polled, black and adorable.

We had two more born today - pictures to come later.  Wieringa's Saphire and 'Dance gave us a very good sized red bull calf; at the moment, we think he's horned like his momma.  Gladhour Wrencesky (and daddy 'Dance) delivered a red.......well, we're just not sure.  I think it's a heifer, but we haven't been able to get close yet.  Wrencesky was very content last year for us to handle her calf.  This year.... not so much.  We're perfectly happy to give her another day with no interference on our part.  They are currently in the farthest corner of the pasture away from everything.

Can't help but love this time of year.  Everywhere we look there are calves running here and there; sleeping under a sage bush; laying in a pile.  It's just fun!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome Rennie

Meet Moosters Rennie.  She's was born today to one of our favorites - Resta and our marshmallow sweet dun bull Winchester.  I very carefully checked all her parts before declaring her a heifer!  She has a 50/50 chance of being polled, but we weren't able to tell today.  Winchester's heifer from last year was polled; his first heifer this year (born to Elsie who lives in Cheyenne now) is horned.  We'll know in a few more days for sure. 

Resta calved in the windbreak (smart girl!), but later led Rennie down to the infamous watering hole in the creek.  Pretty soon, all the calves gathered there:

I had a most enjoyable time sitting on a stump watching them play - with each other, with dead wood, with the other cattle.....   They are just too stinkin' cute!