Welcome to Moosters Meadows - home of Irish Dexter Cattle! We strive to breed a truly dual purpose Dexter, providing both excellent beef and milk. All of our Dexters are purebred and registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA). We'll be blogging about what goes on here on our little ranch in Wyoming and life with Dexters. Feel free to visit our website as well.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home Again.....

........and darned glad to be here.  We love going to the AGM, but we sure love getting back home to our comfort zone and sweet four legged friends. 

Callie and Kylee, all ready to go for the day!  They entertained us all the way to Springfield and back with games and giggles.  These two young ladies have incredible work ethics and we are so fortunate that they are allowed to travel and show with us. 
It's Show Time!  Kylee with DancinQueen and Calli with Gypsy Dance.  The giggles are gone and the show seriousness is on --
Waiting to enter the show ring with Wild Child, my favorite girl.  Neither of us thinks that waiting is much fun, and I'm wilting in the heat and the Missouri humidity! 
That kind of focus on the judge might just get you a ribbon or two.  That's Calli in the Junior Showmanship competition.......
The result of all that focus.... Junior Showmanship winner!
Kylee is the recipient of the 2013 Chris Odom Memorial Award for Junior Exhibitor of the Year.  She worked very hard on her application, testing and is a tireless young promoter of the Dexter breed. 
How lucky can we get?  We are so honored to have them along with us for the trip.  The smiles and pride exhibited by those two girls make it all worthwhile!  Congratulations!
And all too soon, it was time to take DancinQueen to the sale ring.  We were really sad to see her go, but she went to the most fantastic home we could ever imagine (thanks, Louise!) and we know that she's going to be cared for and well appreciated. 
We may have purchased one or two ourselves - more on that later.........  The genetic diversity is one of the reasons that we love to attend the sale at the AGM.  Genetics from all over the country centralized in one place.  Dexters truly do have something for everyone.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Time Sure Flies....

It's just a busy time here at Moosters.  The girls are now "visiting" 'Dance, who is a very happy camper now.  The show girls are about as ready as they get for the Show and Sale.  The grass is so green that it makes you want to cry.  There's a beaver in our creek - and he/it doesn't stay in the creek.  I never seem to have the camera when it's out zooming around though....

That's our Dance Machine, destined to be one of our next herd sires (yes, we are probably going to  back to two provided we find just the right one).  Mach is a sweetheart.  Last night in the pasture he came right over to visit and nearly licked the skin right off my arms.  We are really pleased with him.
Yodel and a few of the girls know that we keep apple treats in the back of the ATV.  They are not polite......
How can you not love that face?  Behind Luna, you can barely see a red bull across the county road.  Those are Salers - can you say huge?  Fortunately, they are behind buffalo fence (really - the ranch across from us used to be a buffalo ranch!) and don't appear to eager to escape.  They do pace the fence a lot and they have occasional stare downs with 'Dance.....  Soon they will be moved to "their" girls and we won't be worrying again for a while. 

One of my favorite shots from last evening.  Lush green grass, trees and healthy cattle.  Who could ask for more?!