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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a very Red spring

We are fortunate this year - so far, all of our new heifers are red.  Not that we won't be happy with a black heifer, but we just Love the little red girls! 
Born March 18, here's Swing Dance, daughter of Brezes and Dance.  She's red, polled (we think) and a sweet little beauty. 
This little fireball is Moosters RiverDance, daughter of Saphire and Dance.  She's also a great-granddaughter of Brezes (above).  She's only a few days old, but she doesn't stop moving!  And, like her mother, she's really people oriented already. 

This is Meara's FlashDance.  She is a character.  She's built just wonderfully, but even better, she likes us and I swear she has a sense of humor.  Flash is living up to her name as she is truly photogenic as well.

And here's Dance Machine at a little over two weeks old.  He's a stud!  And even better, his test is back from UC Davis - he IS homozygous polled!  I predict that he may be sticking around for a while...

We're still battling winter vs. spring around here.  Back to the deep freeze tomorrow with high winds and a possibility of snow.  We'll be out checking on the herd often.  Swallow is getting very close to calving so we're especially concerned about her.  Spring can just stick around after this - we can hope, right?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our adventurous heifers

This is our newest heifer, Moosters Tap Dance, red horned daughter of 'Dance and Rally.  This is Tap Dance getting her ride in the ATV because....she managed to get through a 7 strand barbed wire fence.  When I woke up this morning, I could see Rally literally running along the fence line, attempting to climb it.  A look through the binoculars confirmed that there was a calf on the other side of the fence.  Really?  I'm still trying to figure this one out.  That fence line was originally put up to keep goats in.  We didn't find any holes either.

We loaded her up and brought her back to the pasture where all the cattle are supposed to be confined.  Hmmm. 

She's another gorgeous little heifer and all's well that ends well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Five and counting

Acqua di is doing very well despite her watery beginnings.  She's been joined by (as of yesterday) four more baby Moosters.  Spring must be just around the corner!  We're still on calf watch for a few more - this week, we hope - then the rest of the spring girls will stretch out over the next month or two.

So far,
Acqua di and momma Jasmine
Halo and Moosters Sledge Hammer (son of Moosters Yamaha)
Meara and her little Moosters Flash Dance (a 'Dance daughter)

 We have two more (we still need good pictures for the baby albums):  Moosters Square Dance, red horned heifer - daughter of  Thomas' RY Red Roseta, aka Wild Thing and 'Dance and Moosters Dance Machine, black polled bull, son of Dance and Bess.  We're having him tested to see if he might be homozygous. 
Toe tapping impatiently for the next babies......