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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Fun

Uh, what was I thinking?  There is no winter fun.  In Wyoming, if the temperatures are above normal for the winter, then our trade off is wind.  It has been milder than usual, even with the wind, so every now and then it IS fun to get out and visit with the herd.

Sonny, out with the big herd to breed our fall calvers, is such a mooch.  He knows that my pockets are full of treats (both cake and alfalfa cubes) and he's not picky as long as a few of them land in his mouth.  He's not pushy, but he sure has a great begging face.

Even more fun was watching Amanda, the ultimate treat hound, try to steal the treats right out of Sonny's mouth.  She would love up against him like his favorite girlfriend, then lick his face and try to jerk the treat away from him.  What a prankster!

So many of the cows are really starting to show their pregnancies -- Rosaleen looks ready to go now and we still have at least 6 or 7 weeks to go!  Her 2015 calf was one of my favorites, so I'm hoping she does it again this year (think heifer!).

Then we have our first time heifers who are definitely starting to show.  Our little Gidget is giving us all the signs of having a very nice udder.  She was our Grand Champion at Wyoming last year and we hope that her calf is everything that she is and more!!  Such a scruffy look compared to all of her finery in the summer show.

Love watching those fall babies growing up.  This is Peaches 'n Cream with her momma Yanni.  At four months, she's doing us, and her sire and dam, quite proud!

Can't wait for the new ones!  That will help make the rest of the winter really fun (did I mention that Winter in Wyoming can last through May?)!!

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